What services are most profitable?

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♻ CFO’s Re-Take - Re-Engineering Your Financials to Tell a Story

Let's dive into how to make your financials tell a story. We’ll start with question #1 from earlier, "What services are most profitable?.” Let's use the following as an example:

  • Total revenue for rolling twelve months = $1,500,000

  • Service lines = 3.25 (more on the quarter later)

  • Service #1 uses direct labor only. Revenue = $500k

  • Service #2 uses direct labor and materials. Revenue = $250k

  • Service #3 uses subcontractors and materials. Revenue= 700k

  • Service #0.25 uses software and subcontractors. Revenue = $50k



    The revenue piece is easy. There would be three income accounts: Service #1 income, Service #2 income, & Service #3 income, and there would be two decisions:


    • Is service #0.25 worth tracking separately? If so, create a separate account. If not, create a generic account called "other operating income" that would include other small services in the future.


    • Is there a customer or client that should be tracked separately? For example, Unicorn Client, Inc. makes up 50% of service #1; therefore, management should decide whether to create a separate account or sub-account for Unicorn Client, Inc.


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